About me


Animals, nature, environment and humans are all connected. If we want to save one of these, we need to help them all. To keep this planet earth and her creatures as beautiful as they are, we need to treat her better. 

Animal ambulance

For 8.5 years I’m voluntering at the animal ambulance of Maastricht, the Netherlands. I take care of abandoned and orphaned animals and created a hedgehogshelter for them.


I am studying veterinary science at the University of Antwerp. At the moment I am busy with my third bachelor. My goal is to become a wildlife veterinarian to help (endangered) species and do research. 


In 2012 my sister Ivi and I founded the Faunawatch foundation. Faunawatch is an international operating animal welfare and conservation foundation through education, activities & actions. 


As a speaker I speak about the importance of other species (animals and plants), my dreams, what I achieved, nature and environment. I want to inspire others to change the world in a positive way. 


Since I was 8 years old I’m willing to protect endangerend species. It started with my dream to become a wildlife vet and start a shelter for elephants and chimpansees. 

My hero's

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall did for more than 50 years research after chimpansees. A species which is for more than 99% equally to us if we compare our DNA. Jane Goodall inspired me when I was 8 years old, to start a shelter for chimpansees. 

Freek Vonk

Freek Vonk is a Dutch conservationist and television personality. I had a meeting with him about the conservation of Africa’s wildlife. He educates and inspires a lot of young people, the next generation to make a change on this planet. 

Paul Watson

Paul Watson is the co-founder of Greenpeace & founder of Sea Shepherd. He is a marine-conservationist who is willing to die for his cause. He makes a big positive change for species like whales, dolphins, turtles, etc. 

Steve Backshall

Steve Backshall is a Britisch television personality who makes programs about wildlife. He created my fascination for wildlife. During his television programs I learned a lot about the beauty and importance of wildlife. 

Daphne Sheldrick

Daphne Sheldrick is the founder of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. This is a shelter for elephants. There amazing work, results and story’s inspired me to create next to a chimpansee shelter an elephant shelter. 

Chanee Kalaweit

Chanee Kalaweit is a Frenchman who has a gibbon shelter in Indonesia. His shelter takes next to the gibbon care for multiple other species. He has also a radio station. Due to this big station he educates the people and makes them happy with music. 

Inspiring quotes

"Follow your dreams and use your natural-born talents and skills to make this a better world for tomorrow."
Paul Watson
Founder Sea Shepherd

Inspiring video's

This video shows that every conservationists, every person can make a positive change. We all have a voice and if we use it, we can make the world better for the voiceless. 

This is an amazing story about the rescue of a chimpansee by the Jane Goodall institute. This chimpansee just feels what a wonderful person Jane Goodall is. 

This is just an amazing and inspiring speech which is important for every person on this planet. If we respect each other and every creature, this world would be a better place.