8 tips to help the hedgehogs


Everybody knows this little prickly animal: the hedgehog. At first, you don’t think that he has something in common with the humans.  In general, we don’t have things in common,  but there is one special thing.  We have the same kind of hands.  Hedgehogs are one of the very few animals which have that in common with us.  At this moment the hedgehog is in trouble due to the decrease of their habitat and more dangers.

The importance of the hedgehogs

Just like all the animals and plants is the hedgehog part of the ecosystem.  Because they are part of this circle they are very important for us.  Last summer the where lots of snails. For a big part this was caused by good circumstances for them,  but it was also caused by de their decreased preditor-population: the hedgehog. The population of other insects increased also because of this reason. Hedgehogs are very important by the threat of pests. Hedgehogs are also scavengers, so they help us to clean up the nature.

How can we help them?

We can help the hedgehog in the following ways:

  • Because of the decreasing habitat, it is important that we give them places of refuge. You can create this by placing a hedgehog house and making a rubbish corner in your garden with lots of leafs.
  • If find at one place multiple times dead hedgehogs (for example along a certain road), tell it your municipality. Maybe they can care for something so the hedgehogs can’t pass at that placet he road.
  • Let the hedgehogs stay in the nature.
  • Sometimes people with a couple of baby-hedgehogs, the mother is always watching them, but will not come back if there are people. So only help the baby-hedgehogs if you are sure that there isn’t a mother.
  • Don’t move hedgehogs, it is possible that they have somewhere their babies.
  • Only move a hedgehog if he/she is crossing the street, but wear always gloves. Never bring him too far away.
  • Lots of people give the hedgehog milk, but they can die because of that. You can give him only water or goatmilk.
  • If you want to help the hedgehog, then give them some food. It is possible to buy hedgehog food, but you can also give him dog/cat food or vegetables and fruit.
  • Make it possible for te hedgehog to go to another garden, so they don’t need to cross the streets.