A sustainable website? Yes, it is possible!

Maybe you are the proud owner of one or more of the 966 billion websites worldwide. These are not only owned by companies. More and more people have a blog or a website, where they tell about their passion, experiences or share their knowledge. All these websites are hosted, and this can also be done in a sustainable way. In this blog, I will tell you more about it and help you to get started.

Websites need to be online, day and night, and that’s not going to just happen. In order to do this, they must be hosted. Webhosting costs a lot of energy. This energy is often submitted by coal-fired power plants. The energy of coal-fired power plants belongs to the past. We are working on the future and want green energy, energy from windmills, solar panels, water or other resources.

We need a hosting provider to host a website. Fortunately, there are also hosting providers which host websites in a sustainable way. If you host your website with one of these providers, your website doesn’t only run on green energy, but you encourage the use of green energy too. You are part of the energy of the future!

In order to help you to find a good hosting provider, I found two beautiful companies for you, which host on 100% green energy. I will discuss these two below.

Hosting providers

A2 hosting

Since 2007 the data centres of A2 hosting are 100% green. The company is also for 100% CO2 neutral. In addition to using green energy, they recycle older servers, they reduce their waste and they plant trees. They are an example for many companies.

Click here to visit A2 hosting.

Green Geeks

Green Geeks provides a positive food print on this planet. They produce 3x the energy used for hosting a website in green energy. In this way, your website is not only green. It also cares for 3x more green energy on this Earth.

Click here to visit Green Geeks.