Hi! My name is Tim Huijsmans. I am a 21-year-old animal conservationist and speaker. Seven years ago I founded the organisation Faunawatch. Our main goal is to preserve endangered animals and to increase the animal welfare. We are an international operating organisation.

I created this blog to share my experience and stories and I hope that it is educational. Furthermore I hope that it creates awareness, because this is the way to make a change.


Due to my activities for animals, nature and the environment I was chosen by the Ministry of Foreign and Affairs as Worldimprover of the Year.

For more than 8.5 years I’m volunteering on Saturdays for the Animal ambulance. At the Animal ambulance we have a shelter for orphans and rescued animals. We care for the following species: rabits, birds, guinea pigs, snakes, fishes, etc. We also give education about animals and how to keep them in a proper way. I work there as a animal keeper. I created recently a hedgehog shelter for them, the first one in this region. Those shelters are helping the highly endangered hedgehog.

For my activities I spoke for example with the:

  • Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation about our beekeeping project in Ghana and our bee protection project;
  • Dutch Secretary of State of Environment about the living conditions of chickens;
  • British primatologist Jane Goodall. She is ambassador of peace of the United Nations and is one of the 10 most influential women in the world. She became famous all over the world following her studies of chimpanzees.
  • Canadian Paul Watson, co-founder Greenpeace and founder and president Sea Shepherd;
  • Freek Vonk, TV personality and biologist;
  • Wietse van der Werf, president Wildlife Air Service and The Black Fish and winner of the Future for Nature Award 2016;
  • Several mayors, alderman, etc.

I wish you a lot of reading pleasure and please sign in for my newsletter and follow me on social media.

Tim Huijsmans.


  • You should be very proud of what you have achieved, Tim. You are a great example of what young people can do to make this world a better place for your future. I already follow you on Twitter and find your posts interesting and informative.

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