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  • Do animals use names?

    Do animals use names?

    We as humans are using names. Are animals doing that too? This question got me to thinking. Men and women have a brain of 1.4 and 1.2 kg respectively. While elephants have a brain of 5 kg and whales have even a brain of 7 kg. Because they have a lot bigger brain, I would…

  • 8 tips to help the hedgehogs

    8 tips to help the hedgehogs

    Everybody knows this little prickly animal: the hedgehog. At first, you don’t think that he has something in common with the humans.  In general, we don’t have things in common,  but there is one special thing.  We have the same kind of hands.  Hedgehogs are one of the very few animals which have that in…

  • Sharks, why are they important?

    Sharks, why are they important?

    The shark is for 425 to 455 million years on this planet. That’s a lot longer than us, as the humans. Everybody knows some shark species like the white shark, hammerhead shark, blue shark and the tiger shark, but there are more than 400 shark species. The sharks are part of the group of the cartilaginous skeletons.…